Data Collection Goes Too Far

Data collection goes too far in a world where we are always connected, always wired into the system, it's incredible to think how much information about us is being broadcasted into the void.  Everyone's doing it; Taco Bell wants you to call them toll-free to chat about your experience, Facebook [...]

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Emerging Markets & Services: Ransomware-as-a-Service

There is no archetypical cyber criminal. They come in all forms; all shapes and sizes. From those who manage money mules; to those who build and manage botnets or other forms of malware.  One of the more interesting types of cybercriminals is those who utilize and manage ransomware. According to [...]

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My Laptop is Stolen! Now What? Here are 4 Steps

Picture this, you're at the airport with your laptop, knocking out an important project between flights. Suddenly, you're approached by some touristy-looking people about taking their picture. You're a nice person so you grant them their request. After a longer-than-expected photo session, you return to your seat only to find [...]

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Apple’s iOS May Contain Backdoors to Leak Sensitive Information

Apple's iOS operating system might be well known for its impressive security features, but that doesn't mean that it's invulnerable to all threats. In fact, backdoors may have been located in the operating system, which allows Apple and law enforcement agencies like the NSA to access the devices. The discovery [...]

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A Turning Point For Hacktivism?

A “digital nuclear attack”. A “zombie apocalypse”. “The end of history. “ Much has been made of Mirai, the recently discovered malware that incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) devices into botnets capable of conducting the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks measured to date. Some reports have focused on [...]

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Old Ways, New Tricks

Extortion is nothing new for organized crime. For centuries, gangs have been operating protection rackets and kidnappings to successfully extract ransom money from their victims. And as with many things in modern life, these old techniques have been successfully brought over to the cyber realm.   DDoS extortion It is [...]

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Protect Yourself with Secure Passwords

Despite the increasingly vast trust, we put into the Internet to keep our personal and business information safe and secure, many users take their passwords very lightly. In an analysis studying over 32 million passwords from RockYou, a company that develops software for social networks, it's been discovered just how [...]

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4 Quick Steps for Optimizing Remote Desktop

Plenty of our clients use Remote Desktop to access a terminal server or use their workstation from an off-site location. Depending on your connection and the speed of all of the devices in question, remote work can either be pretty seamless or a laggy, sluggish endeavor if your Remote Desktop [...]

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Managed IT Services

There is no question that a small business can benefit from technology, as has been proven time and time again. However, an issue can arise if a business bites off more than it can chew, so to speak, and ultimately creates a spike in costs. A responsible business owner will [...]

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