Hackers, Based on Motive

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Hackers, Based on Motive

Most people’s understanding of what a hacker is comes from the contradictory portrayals in popular media today… Does this impression of a hacker in real life measure up to this perception? We’ll take care of it here because popular culture doesn’t distinguish between various hacker types and their goals effectively.

Based on Motive Hackers

In reality, popular culture has taken many creative liberties with the notion of a hacker while also reducing them to a few well-known caricatures and cliches. You have the aloof criminal, the eccentric member of a particular acronym squad, and a few more archetypes that are pretty similar.

There is a predictable, clichéd image of a hacker that most people identify with all of these stereotypes. Typing while windows open and close on monitors in a room surrounded by monitors.

Even so, it’s an oversimplification based on an inflated impression of reality.

The Real-Life Varieties of Hacker

A hacker’s ultimate purpose and method for accomplishing this goal are two of the numerous distinguishing characteristics of real-world hackers.

Even though there were just two at first, they were distinguished by evoking Western film costuming customs. A white hat for the hero and a black hat for the evil would be appropriate attire. Extra colors were added to the original white- and black-hat categories to accommodate the numerous different types of hacking.

They’re the ones that go via official channels and hack into the application to find and fix any flaws that may exist in it. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are used regularly by white hat hackers.

Like the villains of old Western movies, the black hat hacker is the most common stereotype of a hacker. There are black hat hackers out there that aim to hurt you and your business by stealing financial information or trade secrets or leaving a nasty surprise on your network.

If you put black and white together, you’ll get grey, and that’s how hackers are described. When it comes to taking down online dangers, like a white-hat hacker, a grey-hat hacker uses the same strategies as black-hat hackers.

The guerrillas of the hacking world are the Red Hat hackers. Red hat hackers target their systems to disrupt the black hat hacker’s efforts.

A green hat hacker is an inexperienced or novice hacker who lacks actual hacking knowledge. Despite this, they would lurk on forums to learn more about hacking efforts from other hackers.

A blue hat is an amateur hacker that uses established attack vectors to infiltrate its targets. They are generally motivated to act by their own emotions, and they often resort to vicious attacks to gain an edge.

Why Hackers Hack

A hacker’s motivations might vary widely, and it’s not always clear why they do what they do. Motives such as these are often cited:

Theft and Distribution for Profit

There are various ways a hacker may exploit stolen data to their advantage, and this is one of the most obvious reasons they do what they do. A skilled hacker may almost surely benefit from their ill-gotten gains, whether they steal a person’s credentials and deplete their bank accounts, blackmail them with confidential information, or just steal data to sell to other criminals.

Putting Yourself Out There

Some hackers use their crimes to promote a platform. Take, for instance, the notorious infidelity dating service Ashley Madison that was hacked – the hackers responsible left a message that clearly outlined why the website had been targeted, and demanded it be shut down or the data would be dispersed. Other politically motivated “hacktivists” will attack political entities and organizations to spread their message and gain visibility.

Hackers, based on motive

Sabotage of a website

Similarly to the Ashley Madison case, some hackers will target a website with an attack meant to disrupt it and lead to it crashing, such as some strains of malware, or a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

What can we take away from this? To secure yourself, you need to have a variety of security measures in place. Contact the experts at NAXYM for assistance in securing your company.

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