Information Technology for Law

Information Technology for Law

Legal Technology – Workable Solutions at an Affordable Price

Technology has always been an essential part of the legal profession. NAXYM offers dynamic solutions that can help your practice save money. It’s a fact that lawyers play a crucial role in many important decisions

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Technology is becoming more and more critical in the modern law office, just as it is in so many other economic sectors. You will need to consider how technology changes will affect your practice regardless of whether you are a new attorney, a part of a large law firm, or a solo practitioner.

A law office cannot afford to hire an IT staff member or even an IT guy. Many law firms rely on break-fix technology companies. These companies not only take advantage of your law firm but also don’t provide you with the value that’s necessary to use the newest and most valuable technology. That’s where NAXYM comes in.

If you are a Southern California business, you can count on us for flat-rate monthly service, all while taking advantage of the newest and most reliable technology.

Our Solutions are Customized to Meet Your Needs

We offer hardware, software, and hosted solutions that provide your firm with substantial value

The technology needs of every law firm are different, so why would you lean on a solution that wasn’t designed to work with your specific practice? At NAXYM, we believe in providing quality service to clients and that is why many reputable law offices rely on our wide range of IT solutions.

The solutions we offer include the following:

  • Hardware services To provide affordable hardware for your office, we’ve partnered with a few of the leading vendors in the industry.
  • Software services  To meet your organization’s needs, we can provide you with software solutions. You can boost your practice’s efficiency by utilizing tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) and document management
  • Cloud solutions Cloud computing is a highly dynamic technology that can significantly assist organizations integrating mobility into their IT strategies. Our company provides various solutions for companies, ranging from email to virtual computing environments to productivity suites. All resources are securely hosted off-site and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. We’ve only scratched the surface here. IT infrastructure management is our core business. We provide remote monitoring and management as part of our flat-rate IT services so that you can enjoy optimal uptime without incurring technology-related expenses.

Secure Mobile Options for the Confidential World

As the legal industry changes, lawyers and their associates must be at the forefront of technology

The proliferation of mobile computing is one of the most prevalent technology issues facing law practices of all sizes today. Lawyers and their subordinates in the office use these mobile devices to communicate and load sensitive information on them. Considering the amount of confidential client information on these devices, the security of data on these devices is of paramount importance.

As a leader in the mobile device revolution, NAXYM has solutions that can manage and, if necessary, remove sensitive data from mobile devices, and other solutions that we can guarantee will work to keep your practice secure.

NAXYM technicians are well-aware of the sensitivity of your organization’s data so they make sure to keep it secure.

We can help you run your business more efficiently today by providing more information about NAXYM’s flat-rate IT management services or our solutions. Contact us for more details.