Your Laptop is stolen! What to do? How to Return It in 4 Easy steps


Your Laptop is stolen! What to do? How to Return It in 4 Easy steps

Laptop scam?

It is a common scam that preys on travelers. It starts when you are at the airport, using your laptop between flights, and a stranger approach you and asks to take a picture of him. After you give him permission, he keeps the conversation going a little longer. You return to your seat to find that your laptop has been stolen. How does this happen?

In reality, this is the distraction so their partner can steal your laptop from the table in front of you.

What is Your Next Move?

Perhaps you thought that you were immune to these types of crimes. You are so smart and careful, in fact, that you’re likely to think that your mobile device isn’t vulnerable to theft. How wrong you would be? From laptops to cell phones and beyond, there are more than two million of incidents where laptops have been stolen from their rightful owners every year in the United States alone.

Let’s face it, your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other portable tech item is more than just a device that you use to talk, text and email. It’s your lifeline to friends and family, the place where you store all of your contacts and appointment information. On top of that, you have apps for everything from watching videos to banking.

After you’re done reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what to do when your laptop is stolen. This includes the four things you should do immediately after a theft and the right steps to take if you want your phone back.

  1. Protect Your Confidential and Personal Data

When you find out that a device has been stolen, then it’s time to act quickly. It’s important to change passwords, but also monitor all of your accounts associated with the phone. The thief could be using your credit cards, bank statements and more to their advantage. This is why it’s essential to keep tabs on them as soon as possible.

It is time to change your passwords and set up a two-factor authentication system, which is a one-time password that would be hard for an attacker to guess. This means that when you log into an account, you will have to enter this code along with your username and password.

Do you use the same password for all of your accounts? The days of using the same password in multiple places are over. Hackers have built sophisticated tools that make it easy for them to crack your password, which could give them access to all your digital life. That’s why the best defense is to use strong passwords for your online accounts, which will make them incredibly difficult for hackers to crack and give you peace of mind.

  1. Contact the authorities

If you are planning to report the theft or loss of the laptop to your insurance company, you should file a report with the police. Reporting the incident immediately after the theft or loss is essential.

  • At home: If your home has recently been burglarized, you should immediately contact the local authorities to file an accurate report of the items that are missing so that if your laptop is recovered, it can be returned to you.
  • At the office: If you believe a co-worker has stolen your laptop, contact human resources, IT or a member of management immediately. If confidential company infstolen aptops ormation is on the laptop, be sure to mention this.
  • At school: If your laptop was taken while you were at school, talk to your teacher, a school official or other school staff member to help you report the incident.
  • Other Public Place: If your laptop was taken from a public place, such as an airport, bus, coffee shop, gas station, library, cab, etc., report the incident to the authorities or someone at your company. In most cases, you should file a report with the police.
  1. Report to the manufacturer and try to find your laptop

Registering your device with the manufacturer could stop it from being used by a criminal. If the new owner attempts to register it with the manufacturer’s database, records will show that the stolen phone has been located.

Some people want to find a stolen laptop by its serial number. This is not as easy as it looks. You can try to trace a stolen laptop by its MAC address. Every gadget has a serial number, like a smartphone. With this one, you can determine the location of the device, if it has been turned on. Even better, when the gadget is used for a while. You can count on failure.

  • Post ads on sites dedicated to finding stolen laptops like this one:
  • Search for sites that sell laptops to other people to see if the thief is trying to resell your laptop.
  • Locate your device using the “Locate My Device” option. If you had it enabled before the theft, this feature can help you locate your device and lock it remotely. It is available on both Mac and Windows (Windows 10 version).

Location by your open accounts: some sites, such as Facebook, provide information about recent login activities. This allows you to find out where you were last logged in.

  1. Limit the impact of theft

Finally, if the theft and loss of your laptop are things that we cannot predict, it is however possible to limit the damage.

  • Back up your data: Remember to regularly back up your data to an external storage space.
  • Protect your laptop with a password.
  • Install or activate a tracking software: If your laptop is stolen, you will be able to locate it more easily. However, this technique only works if the laptop is connected to the internet.
  • Insure your laptop: in case of theft of your PC, the insurance can compensate up to $1500 per year. This allows you to buy a new laptop. You should also know that the home insurance works in case of a burglary and reimburses the device in full if you can provide proof of purchase in your name.

What conclusions can be drawn from the previous guide?

Finding a stolen laptop (smartphone, laptop, tablet or …) is not an easy task. As practice shows, if you don’t worry about the security of the device in advance, you can forget that they will be able to find it. More often than not, the laptop cannot be returned.

Still worth a try. It is not recommended to give preference to Internet services. Instead, each user should pre-install a variety of software on the laptop. They can help track the location of the device. It is worth considering that if the laptop is not turned on, it is almost impossible to find it in practice. All methods work exclusively with activated devices. Strongly rely on success is not necessary. Finding a smartphone is much easier than finding a laptop.

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