WiFi Security


WiFi Security

WiFi Security

WiFi Security has been improved through the years, it helps businesses improve their productivity and secure their networks with long complex-ed passwords and latest encrypted technology to prevent others from gaining access, but most organizations make the error of employing outdated ciphers such as WEP instead of a more secure option.

Wifi security

It’s possible to crack the outdated algorithm within minutes, gaining access to not just your Internet but also your network and files. Read on for more information on how to protect your wireless network’s security adequately.

Why is WEP so vulnerable to attacks? As a first step, the same initialization vector (IV) can be used several times for WEP encryption. When it comes to collision-based assaults, this creates a significant vulnerability. It is also worth noting that your initialization vector is just 24 bits, which implies that you have only 16.7 million possible passwords. It may seem like a lot to a human, but to a computer, it’s like stapling your front door shut. As most users don’t update their WEP passwords regularly, hackers have a lot of time to break through the encryption and take over your network.

WI-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a superior solution (WPA). With an IV of 48 (instead of the 24 that WEP employs), WPA has more than 500 trillion potential key combinations, compared to WEP’s 24 possible possibilities. Hackers will be busy for a while. WPA provides better encryption mechanisms and far more protection. It also can prevent software crackers from obtaining entry.

When assessing a network, security is a significant consideration. Organizations typically overlook wireless security. We have a lot of experience working in WiFi security with using the latest trends to get them up to speed. Even though many wireless devices now have WPA capabilities, there are still a lot of fine tuning.

It’s a must whether you’re operating a wireless network or allowing your employees to move their laptops about the workplace while still being able to connect to the network. Our experts may examine your present WiFi security setup, and we can also answer any questions you may have about different ways to safeguard your network. Please contact us if you’d like this service.

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